Brett’s Daily Checklist

This is the checklist that Brett uses on a daily basis to make sure that his Amazon/General business day is optimal.  Why a checklist? Well, it helps you to see the big picture as well as get the day-to-day done.  It's not always about going full-speed 100% into something.  It's about having a balance between business operations and strategy.  Check out the checklist below…

We decided to make this in a blog format rather than a PDF because the business world is always evolving. So you'll want to bookmark this page and refer to it daily (since the ebay lists change almost every day as well as other items).


[headline_georgia_large_centered color=”#000000″]Brett's Daily Checklist[/headline_georgia_large_centered]

  • Listen to motivational and educational podcast while working

  • Do Quality Control check on Amazon Account

    • Customer Messages

    • Negative feedback

    • Merchant Fulfills


  • Search for Gift Card Buying Opportunities to Lower Cost of Goods

  • Find Ebay Arbitrage Deals

  • Search Ebay and Other Sites for Coupon Deals

    • Ebay Coupon List

      • P&G Insert

      • Manufacturer Coupons

      • Redplum Inserts

      • Toothpaste Coupons

      • Store Coupons

    • Redplum

  • Complete Craigslist Posts

    • Post items you have sold before but put words “only brand new” in front of them and make them generic. Ex. I buy brand new board games

  • Search for Craigslist Finds

    • Do keyword search for items you have already sold than start looking in categories but filter buy “brand new”

  • See if any Big buy opportunities are available and if I have the cash

    • Maeja Buy List

  • Go to Stores for Physical Sourcing and make sure to have gift cards or some type of competitive advantage



  • Quick Overview of Finances

  • Make Sure Processing and Shipping are Running Smoothly and Identify Constraints

    • Do I need to add team members?

    • Do I need to outsource a part of my business?

    • How can I remove myself?

  • Explore new opportunities for creating revenue and diversification

    • Kindle

    • Apps

    • Services

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