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Amazon Drop Shipping Myth: If You Ship Slow You Won’t Sell

      Transcript: Hey, guys. What’s up? It is Dean from and I wanted to do this quick video for you because this is a myth that a lot of people seem to have when it comes to drop shipping on Amazon. It’s a pretty big myth and people tend to not want…

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10 Silly Amazon Drop Shipping Myths You Think Are True… But Aren’t

I have to confess… I am an Amazon drop shipper and I love it. Sometimes I feel as though I am an Amazon drop shipping secret agent, alone amongst a pack of Amazon FBA wolves. Everybody who doesn’t drop ship has their own opinion of what is real and what isn’t real in the drop…

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How to Easily Find Suppliers for Amazon Drop Shipping and Amazon FBA Wholesale

You can download the free checklist for finding Amazon suppliers by clicking here:   Video Transcript below: Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Dean Soto from, and today we’re going to be talking about something super important if you’re selling anything on, whether you’re selling on Amazon or Ebay and you want to get out…

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