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Virtual Assistant

Do You Want a Virtual Assistant That’s Entrepreneurial or Task-Oriented?

I’ve been hiring virtual assistants for over six years now, and one thing I always try to do is, find virtual assistants that have very good English. The reason being is that it’s much harder to teach the English language than it is to teach task and processes and even very complicated technical stuff. In…

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laughter in business

Why Laughter In Business Matters

The path to success in your business is never a straight line. It always has plenty of zigs and zags. Challenges come along that can temporarily derail you and making sure you have laughter in business can get you back on track quickly. When was the last time you had a good belly laugh? I…

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excuses and execution

Execution or Excuses – Which Do You have?

Hey guys,  It’s Dean! Let me start off by saying, you have tremendous potential within you and you have the power to do great things.  So don’t take this post as a jab at you. This post is about motivation and hopefully helping you to learn more about yourself. So are you ready to do…

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productivity mindset strategy

Productivity Mindset Strategy

Mindset and productivity: which comes first? It’s a chicken and the egg kind of question. Most of us go “ugh….mindset….don’t need it, or already have it, or I just want to jump in and get more productive. Show me the steps to increase my productivity and let’s get on with it!” The problem is that…

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051 EID: How Do You Start a $50,000 Business From Scratch in 2013? Play in new window | DownloadAll right, this episode Brett and I want to get you started off in the right direction in 2013, and the way we’re going to do that is by starting from scratch. No, we aren’t going to delete everything on the blog and all the podcasts – we’re to…

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What Happens When You Do Nothing?

So… the past few months have been a bit of a break, and now it’s time to get back to writing and podcasting. Do you know the one thing that was noticeable while I was taking a break from working on the business? Nothing was improving! That’s right, nothing was being produced. That meant that…

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