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Why are your products selling?

Questions Your Products Should Answer During Market Research

Recently I’ve been on a kick…  I’ve asking Amazon sellers some questions that every single one of them should know. But… I was SHOCKED that most, if not all, had no clue how to answer my simple questions when it came to customer and market research.  Think you can answer them?  Let’s see how well…

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Apple on books

The Best Items to Sell on Amazon FBA

In this quick article to share some quick strategies on how to sell on Amazon FBA. I’m also to share what I think are some of the best items to sell on Amazon FBA. A lot of what to talk about can be found in more detail in our free Amazon FBA course found in…

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Puzzle System

5 Ways to Stop Working In Your Business and Work On It

There is a struggle that every business owner faces and often makes the difference between a successful business and one that crashes and burns. Always start with win-win This is the #1 mistake that most business owners make. Too many times the idea is that in order to grow your business you need to move…

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Competitive Advantage Examples

5 Competitive Advantage Examples That Most People Miss

Having sold on Amazon, eBay, and other places online for – and also teaching how to do the same – I always get asked the same questions that all revolve around the same concept – competitive advantage.  Before I go too deep into what I feel are awesome competitive advantage examples, I want to first…

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dead knife

5 Simple Mistakes That Kill Businesses

I love business and I hate it at the same time.  But do you know what I really hate?  Well, I’ll get into that in just a second, but first let’s talk about something that you probably don’t want to hear – your business is going to fail. Yup, it’s going to fail… unless you…

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