Day #13: Executing Your Plan

Congratulations, you made it to the turning point in this whole process.  We are going to shift away from focusing on virtual assistants and more on the business process.  Now is the time to start looking at yourself, your plan, and your business in a way that is going to make it successful. From here on out, we are going to start selling our business.

Should I create a business plan?

Unless you are going to create a research & development pharmaceutical company, you probably don't need a formal business plan.  In the book Rework, the author tells you what a business plan actually is – a business guess.  Yes, you should right down your plan (or draw it out), but you don't need to spend countless hours on it.  The most important thing is to start and learn along the way.

It's okay to make mistakes

My business has changes about 4 times over the past few months.  It's not a bad thing, it's a great way to find out what works and what doesn't.  you may think you know what the market wants, but more often than not when you go out and talk to people you'll find out that you were way off.  That's okay, learn from it and adapt.

Start, start, start

You need to start talking to people.  Friends, neighbors, colleagues, people you meet at networking events, the more people you talk to the more opportunities will be presented to you.

Here are some quick tips on finding places to meet people who will want what you have to offer:

  • Go to and find local tweetups.  They are mostly free, and great for meeting business owners.
  • Go to and look for mastermind and networking groups.
  • Use and look for events for your specific industry.  Heck, create a free event in which you teach people something and then offer further services down the road.

Don't be afraid to say yes when someone asks if you can do something.  Even if you only have a little knowledge about it, your VA may be an expert.  Besides, nobody signs a contract at networking events (we'll go into this later).

Action Items: Attend a networking event

Find an event to attend.  Unless you think it's worth it, stay away from the paid events.  There are so many free ones now that are high quality.  Talk about your experience in the comments.  If you are an introvert, I highly suggest the book, Networking for People Who Hate Networking. We'll go into the specifics of networking tomorrow.