Day #18: Managing the Project

You don't need to be a PMP to manage a project using a virtual assistant.  Although it may seem daunting at first, It's actually really easy (as long as you've completed the design process).

Establish a baseline of fall-back tasks

While your main goal is to get the project done, sometimes you'll run into pauses and long lead times for client approvals.  So the very first thing that you want to do is establish a set of tasks that your virtual assistant(s) can do when the project stops.  these tasks may consist in training, activities that help your business, or support tasks for the client such as bringing up a server or creating questionnaires.

The point is, you never want your virtual assistants standing still.  They need to be learning, promoting, or building frameworks to support your business now or in the future.

For example, when not working one of my web developers researches HTML5/CSS3 best practices and develops new frameworks for future projects.  This means that I'll make money more quickly in future projects.

Create a template of repeated tasks

Every project will have a set of tasks that will be repeated.  Would you want to have to write the tasks below each time you had a new project?  These activities are for a niche site that I just brought up, but I have templates for my SEO clients and Web development clients too.

  • Submit Product Keyword Research for Approval
  • Submit possible URLs for approval
  • Install WordPress
  • Add Title/Description/Keywords to All-in-One SEO
  • Categories – create one category for default
  • Create Google Analytics Account Using
  • Create Google Webmaster Account using
  • Create Users for everyone
  • Create a spreadsheet for all accounts used to support the blog
  • Create spreadsheet that has keywords being used for site
  • Create spreadsheet with Keywords being used
  • Find testimonials and reviews from non-marketing blogs/sites
  • Gather product photos and information
  • Install Google analytics (If using Wootheme, use the theme options section for this)
  • Install WordPress Due
  • Install google site webmaster meta tag
  • Link to the review “category” page in the navigation bar
  • Options – Discussion – Check: Attempt to notify, Allow Link notifications, Allow people to post, Comment Author must fill out name and email
  • Options – General – Let Anyone Comment
  • Plugins – Activate WordPress Database Backup
  • Plugins – install Custom Query String plugin Register URL
  • Submit webmaster XML sitemap
  • Test Maxblogpress Ninja Plugin to ensure it is working
  • Upload robots.txt file
  • Watch How to Create Emails Video
  • Write a privacy policy as a page and name it “Privacy Policy”.
  • Write a review Page as a WordPress “Page”
  • Write your first post about your topic (blog) (Use Scribe SEO for Analysis)
  • Write your second post about your topic (Blog) (Use Scribe SEO)
  • Change author to a name, not “admin”
  • Create about, contact, and disclaimer pages
  • Remove author picture from posts
  • Add relevant affiliate advertising images to sidebar
  • Create Maxblogpress cloaked links and Keywords
  • Begin submitting to directories
  • Create spreadsheet to track all created accounts created at other sites
  • Implement Myspace/Squidoo/Facebook Marketing
  • Implement Podcast Module
  • Implement Web 2.0 Module (mark completed when all module is implemented)
  • Create first article using keyword
  • Use “The Best Spinner” to create 3 articles
  • Do a 301 redirect from non www to www
  • Implement Video Marketing Tutorial
  • Start implementing High PR Link building module (Complete when all parts of the module have been implemented)
  • Start implementing the Mini-net Module
  • Add list of ping sites to WordPress

So, if you have multiple projects going on, you can see how much this would save time.  Also, it's a great way to keep your guys busy.  the best way to make these are to use a service like ManyMoon and while YOU are implementing a project, keep track of everything that you are doing and create a template.  It's really that simple.

Making sure that you touch all of the bases

In the video below, I'll show you how I go about ensuring that my project plan is sound and has the right amount of resources assigned.  I also talk about some of the things that should ALWAYS be in your project plan.

Action Steps: Develop your first plan

How complex your project plan is dependent on what you are creating for a client.  Heck, in a lot of cases you can have your VA create most of it for you.  Today, I want you to create a project plan for something that you know will do over and over again.


  • Abner Solano

    November 24, 2010

    You know you have an awesome website with great content when people add you to their bookmark tool bar. Well done my friend. The Prosulum site is standing proud in my tool bar.

    • Dean Soto

      November 25, 2010

      Thanks so much, my friend! That's seriously a huge honor! =)