How to Easily Find Suppliers for Amazon Drop Shipping and Amazon FBA Wholesale

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Hey guys, what's up? It's Dean Soto from, and today we're going to be talking about something super important if you're selling anything on, whether you're selling on Amazon or Ebay and you want to get out of the rut of doing what we call, “Retail arbitrage.” Going and finding stuff physically, and going to thrift stores, and garage sales, and retail places, and spending just hours and hours and hours of doing that, rather than doing that, actually creating a business that's based around suppliers that you can replenish things over and over and over again. I'm going to show you something super simple, but super important that my staff does every single day that they're working in order to make it to where we have replenish-able products whenever we want.

Before we get into that, real quick. I want to kind of stroke the pain point a little bit, like kind of stab the pain point a little bit. I was recently talking with a friend of mine who … actually a couple of people, who recently got suspended from Amazon for selling retail arbitrage. One was doing liquidation sales, they were doing kind of close out sales where they were buying product of just bulk product for a couple of thousand bucks. It was legit product from legit stores, but for some reason some customer said, “Hey, this is inauthentic.” Amazon gave them a warning or whatever. Then it eventually shut em down, the seller down, my friend. Unfortunately my friend did not have the invoices for the things that he was selling, which is a huge, huge problem, right? There's no way for them to prove that this was actually an authentic item bought from an authentic place.

Likewise about a year ago, a year ago today, in fact I was just talking to another friend of mine who a year ago his account, plus all his families account got suspended for inauthentic items as well. They were doing retail arbitrage. That's one of the big problems, right? More importantly, one really important reason why you want to start getting suppliers, or at least have a system for getting suppliers for Amazon wholesale, or what I do, drop shipping. I do drop shipping on Amazon, and on Ebay. The most important reason, aside from not getting suspended of course, is your time, and being able to grow an actual business where you can get products over and over and over again, and grow your business into something where you're not having to do everything all by yourself.

That's why I love drop shipping, that's why I love finding suppliers. Super easy, we're going to go into it right now. Are you ready? Whether you're ready or not, let's do this. Okay, so this is what I tell my guys. First things first, look around you, look around and see what you got near you. We are going to just … the way that we're going to do this, it's pretty much hard to fail in finding suppliers doing it this way. This can be wholesale suppliers, or wholesale drop ship suppliers like I do. Right now I'm looking around, I see baskets, let's just do basket. We're going to type in basket, okay? Into Amazon. I'm on, I'm typing in basket, boom.

Now you're going to be like, “Okay Dean, this is retarded.” Trust me on this, okay? Trust me on this. I'm doing this for a reason. The next thing I'm going t do is I'm actually going to sort by relevance. Obviously there's 900,000 different results for basket. I'm actually going to just … sorry, I'm not going to sort by relevance. I'm going to sort by high to low, okay? I'm a drop shipper, price is really of no importance to me. I'm able to buy thousands of dollars worth of items, and I don't pay up front so it doesn't matter to me. The cool thing is when you start pricing high to low, you get a whole bunch of different things that you never would have thought of. In this case, these are like 19,000, these are basket strainers, these are stuff that's just totally irrelevant. That's what we want, okay?

Baskets kind of hard, just because we don't have the thing on the left hand side here. Let me find something that has a thing on the left hand side here. Let's say, “Basketball.” Oh, do that, basketball. Yes, I did. I want this to go away, I want my departments and stuff. What is going on here? Let's see, basketball hoop. Let's see if that changes things. Oh, hold on. Let me pause this and see what's going on with this. Okay, weird. I just had to hard refresh it. If you ever have to hard refresh something just do shift, and then refresh and it will hard refresh.

Let's actually go back to basket real quick, let's see if that pops up with anything. Okay cool, it does on the side. Now, let's sort in price high to low. It's going to be odd, obviously. We're not going to be doing that. You can actually go down here. Next thing we want to do is we want to do average customer review. You can do either three star or four star, you can even do one star. We just want to know that something's selling. We'll do three stars and up. We're still pretty high, okay? Look, basket. Remember we searched for basket, okay? Now we're finding things that are not basket.

Now you're probably thinking, “Well, who cares? What does that mean?” Well, now we're going into ideas. We have ideas now that are not what we were looking for, so now it's giving us a whole bunch of ideas. We know that these things are selling relatively. Anyone could fake reviews or whatever too, but we know generally that these things are selling. Now since we're going priced high to low, we have this fruit basket, this art gallery fruit basket. We have this basket like baby thing, baby stroller thing. Have this Triaxe fold-able scooter with a basket on it or whatever, these are things that I wouldn't have thought of before. Especially as a drop shipper, I would love to do something … well not necessarily the scooter's, but something like this. This classic pram seat with rain cover, it's kind of cute or whatever. Anyway, let's try and go and find stuff that are a little bit less expensive. I'm going to go down to three over here. Scroll down. Not everyone wants to pay $1,000. Not everyone drop ships, you can wholesale.

I'm going to show you what to do once we have an idea that we're going for. Let me do, see if I can do this based off price down here. Okay, let's do, let's keep it in … let's just, for now we'll do home and kitchen right now, that way I can mess with the price. Okay, so since I chose home and kitchen on this left hand side over here, I can actually go down here and mess with the price. Say we want things that are $100 or less, click go. Now we're doing priced high to low, we don't care about relevancy really. We have these hamper, these hamper storage set. We have Fantasy Fields Sunny Safari Animal thematic Kids Storage Bench, that looks interesting.

For example, say I want to get this storage bench, or maybe I want to go and find the supplier. Not necessarily the supplier, but suppliers in general. I'm going to go to Google. Say I like this idea of a storage bench, and I want to go and get that as a supplier. I'm going to go to Google. Oops, not analytics. I'm going to go to Google, I'm going to type in, “Kids storage bench, quote, become a dealer,” okay? All right, so what did I do here?

I did, “Kids storage bench,” so it's going to show us all results that have kids, that have storage, and that has bench. It could have any of those things, or a combination of those things. But because I'm doing this quote, “Become a dealer,” end quote, it's only … I'm saying, “Google, only show me pages that have the words, become a dealer,” okay? That have the words, “Become a dealer,” on the page.

Right here, Sprout Kids, modern kids furniture wholesale supplier, okay? I go here, right click, open link in new window, all right. We have Sprout, now right here it says, “Modern furniture wholesale supplier. Why work with Sprout?” Has a whole dealer application here that you can fill out. Now I have the potential to become a dealer for Sprout right here. Now the cool thing is, not only do I have one, now since I did one idea, I had one idea with this kids bench thing. I have one, two, three, potentially four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, maybe more, okay? The list goes on as long as I can go to the next page, and the next page, and next page, of wholesale suppliers that I can go, fill out their application, or email them and actually become a dealer to work with them, right? Which is huge.

Out of one idea, now I have 10 dealers. What if I want another idea? What if I want … let's go do another one real quick. Let's say, not basket, so basketball. Let's do basketball like we did that last time. Basketball, sort priced high to low. Oh I'm in home and kitchen, that's why. Let's do any category. Sort high to low, now we have double tennis courts, like an entire court. 41,000, I don't even know if I would want to drop ship that. Full court basketball kit. Okay, so remember, let's do the average customer review, let's do three and up in this particular case so we know that these things are selling.

We actually have Super Shot Deluxe Basketball game, I might even … some of these I would even drop ship, that's interesting. We have trampolines, a trampoline with a basketball hoop. Pretty cool drop shipping stuff. Especially if I'm selling a $2,000 or $1,000 item and I'm making 20% off that, 30%, sometimes 50% depending on what it is, that could be pretty nice. Anyway, let's pick a category real quick so we can do pricing. We can do, should we do toys and games or sports and fitness? Let's do toys and games, let's do toys and games, just to see.

Okay, say we want a wholesale under 100 bucks. We're still high to low, so Dribble Stick Basketball Dribble Trainer. Let's do Basketball Dribble Trainer. Here, I just paste this here. We have, “Basketball Dribble Trainer, become a dealer,” quote, “Become a dealer.” All right, so Coast Athletics here, training equipment and more at Coast Athletics. Let's open that up, see what pops up. Whoops. Okay, so sometimes you have to do search, I'm going to do control F to search. Say, “Dealer.” Let's see, dealer, okay, right there. Become a dealer, right at the very bottom. We go, click, “Become a dealer,” there we go. We have our form that we can fill out to become a dealer with this particular company, whether we're wholesaling or drop shipping.

Now, the cool thing guys, this is what I love most about this too. This is why … you know, there's tons of wholesale directories, and supplier lists, and everything like that. To me, it's never worked for me. I'm sure they work for some people, but it's never worked for me. The thing I love about this, is guess what? If I become a dealer, I have access to every single thing that these guys sale, every single thing on their price list. Just because I was looking for a basketball dribble trainer thing doesn't mean I have to go with that. Now I have their entire price list, I can go and find things that are going to make me money that I never would have thought of now with their price list now.

Now I just fill that out, and hopefully become a dealer with them, right? Then I can go and do that with some of these other ones. This one looks like it doesn't have too many in that case, but it's still pretty cool, still pretty cool how easy it can be. Super easy to do guys. If you're selling on Amazon, if you're selling on Ebay and you're still doing retail arbitrage, and you're stuck in retail arbitrage phase, you don't want to stay in that phase. It can be very risky with your account. Private labels awesome too, but the problem with private label, you're spending months and a lot of money up front.

I highly, highly, highly recommend getting into wholesale. If you really, really want to not have to spend a lot of money up front and want to get things up quick, because … look, if I become a dealer with this Sprouts, or with this Coast Athletics or whatever right now, as soon as I get the price list, guess what? I can start listing stuff if I'm a drop shipper. All I do is go and list, and list, and list, and list, and list, and list the stuff. I can list their entire price list if I wanted to, and start selling those items because I don't have to pay for anything up front, okay?

Wholesaling is great too because you can get started a lot faster than private label as well. I highly recommend if you are still doing retail arbitrage, become a dealer for some of these suppliers. If you want to have in written form … I know that went a little bit fast to try to do it twice, to show you how to go about doing this. If you want my exact method, a very easy three step method to actually being able to do this, it's all written out for you and everything. You can actually go to, and you'll get my Amazon drop ship supplier checklist. It's three steps to quickly finding profitable Amazon product suppliers.

The cool thing too, is you can use them with Amazon, you can use them with Ebay, I do both. It's very, very easy. It takes you through this entire … it goes step by step in text format through this entire process. Super easy to do, gives you a little written manual on how to do that. It's really, it's like three pages guys. It's so cool. I prepared this for you because this is probably the biggest thing, the biggest hurdle that a lot of people have is finding suppliers when they want to move from retail arbitrage, or if they've never started an Amazon business at all. They don't know how to find these suppliers. Don't go with Wholesale Directory guys, don't go with supplier lists because then everyone's going to have those particular suppliers.

This method makes it so easy, and helps you to find unique products that nobody else is selling. My guys use this everyday, I get about two or three, maybe even four application, dealer applications to sign from my staff doing this. I made it as quick and simple as possible. Three steps to quickly finding profitable amazing product suppliers. Go to to get that free checklist. Hopefully you'll start getting into the wholesale selling on Amazon, and Ebay guys.

I can't tell you how much better it is when you have suppliers. Here's one, this is something that I just sold just recently. It hasn't even shipped yet. This is something that I never have to source again. I don't have to go out and source, this happens over, and over, and over again. This is something I drop ship, I didn't even have to pay for it up front. It works guys. Find suppliers, whether it's wholesale or wholesale drop shipping. It's the best thing you can do for your Amazon business, best thing you can do for your Ebay business. It makes things so much easier, and I just highly recommend it.

If you like what you see, subscribe. If you like the video, don't forget to give it a like. As well as if you have any questions, please leave your questions in the comments. I will get back to you as quickly as feasible, and answer your question. I might even do another video, I might do a video on whatever your question is, if it's a really good question. That being said, take care guys. Appreciate you, go checkout the checklist at and we'll catch you later.


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