The Secret To Why You Are Not A Successful Entrepreneur

On one of this blog's more popular posts about entrepreneur ideas that are geared toward non-entrepreneurs, someone left this comment:

This is very helpful. However, once one comes up with their entrepreneurial idea, how does one go about making it a success?

This is a very good question and a very bad question, but is something that everyone asks at some point in time.  The preceding sentence may sound like a contradiction, but it's important to understand what this question really means.

Being Responsible for Your Success

Wanting to start a business that provides value to clients and also a good income is great.  However, the danger when anyone asks “how do I create a successful business?”, what they are really saying (usually) is “show me step-by-step how I can create a business without having to fail, learn from my mistakes, work hard, and persist toward a goal.”  Hopefully this doesn't sound offensive, but it's true, I used to ask the same thing!

Russ Ruffino, an Internet Marketer, talks about being responsible for your success.  In other words, rather than looking for someone to hold your hand and build your business for you, you need to make definite goals and make them happen.  This doesn't mean that you shouldn't get a mentor or invest in products that will help you, but there is absolutely nothing out there that can tell you how YOU are going to build a successful business.

Others Can Only Do So Much

Imagine having Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates as your mentors.  Can you fathom the amount of great information and connections they would be able to give you?

Now, how effective do you think their mentorship would be if you took absolutely no action on anything they said?

It sounds ridiculous, but the majority of people consume a crapload of great information on how to run your own business and never do anything with it!  If you aren't willing to step out in faith and ask for money in return for a product or service, then you will never have a successful business no matter what techniques and strategies you read.

Keep It Simple

Starting a business isn't hard, making it successful is!  If you want to start a successful business, start with these simple steps:

  1. Get one 3 x 5 card.
  2. Think of a product or service that you can offer people and write it down.
  3. Write down the price you intend to sell that product or service for.
  4. Write down who would benefit from that product or service.
  5. Describe what happens after they become a customer (e.g. you get them on your email list and sell more things on the back end).
  6. Sell your product or service to the people what will benefit.
  7. Work your ass off, adapt and refine your product or service, and work your ass off more.

You can't get out of working hard when starting a business.  Believe me, eventually you'll find ways to work less of the stuff that doesn't matter, but ultimately you'll need to work.

The key is to START.  The sooner you start something the sooner you will figure out how to build a successful business.  If not, I can promise you that you will never build a successful business. Companies are not built by information overload and step-by-step guides; they are built by individuals willing to take action, which is the only way to utilize the information you've learned in books, courses, the web, etc.