How Fighting Zombies Can Help You Escape The Two-Income Trap!

In the last post in the series, we discussed some ways to cut the crap stuff out of your family's life so that you are able to spend less on things that you don't need.  Well, this time we are going to do something a little bit different that will help you to start making side income, but is a lot more scary!

Yes, I said scary…  but you'll have to read the whole post to find out why it'll be worth it. 😉

Zombies Are Everywhere!

Over the past few weeks I've had my heart broken over 30 times.  See, I have a full-time job along with my side business and one thing that happens to me every day is one of the worst things that you can do to anybody – show indifference.

My heart breaks not for me, but for them.

They are zombies…  zombies that literally walk the halls of where I work.  And even if they have a hint of life still left in them, they use that energy to look away from you with effort (you know, the whole “I see you but don't want to acknowledge you”).

If you want to have a single-income family – DO NOT BE ONE OF THESE ZOMBIES!

The zombies wandering the halls of large corporations care only about themselves, only worry about getting a paycheck, and use others when it is convenient.  They wander aimlessly doing the same thing every day and only communicate when they need to feed their hunger.

It's not their fault most of the time, i guess, since there is not much interaction needed in a large company other than with your close workmates.  So what if someone the building across the way doesn't know you?  It doesn't matter, right?

Fight the Zombie Horde One Person At a Time

If you want to beat the two-income trap, you are going to do more than just cut your spending, you are going to need to bring out the big guns!

The key to success in anything that you do is can be summed up in one word: People.

If you look at all of the great people of the world and the richest entrepreneurs, you will find that they surrounded themselves with great people. These relationships brought them opportunities, and the more friendships they had, the more opportunities there were!

Now, contrary to the zombie horde, these great people did not suck the life out of all of these people in order to use them as a means to an end.  Rather, great people tried to give more of themselves to the friend than they ever tried to take.

Successful people are only successful because of other people.

It's better to hang out with people better than you. Pick out associates whose behavior is better than yours and you'll drift in that direction. ~Warren Buffet

Your Mission, If You Choose To Accept It!

Run away from the zombie horde!

Your goal in the next few days after reading this post is to get out and start meeting people.  Preferably, you should be looking to meet people in the industry that you want to be a part of.

Resources for finding people:

  • Search for local trade shows and conferences
  • Search for small groups
  • Interview someone for your blog and get to know them
  • Help a local charity and get to know the volunteers
  • Email someone you admire and ask them to coffee

Don't worry about starting a business, or selling things right now.  Just make relationships with people that may be potential customers, referrers, joint-venture partners, or best of all – friends.

The more relationships you develop, the more opportunities there will be to start something that will help you to escape the two-income trap.