How to Make Money with Builderall and Clickbank

In this article I'm going to show you how to make money with Builderall and Clickbank.  If you don't know what Builderall is, it's an alternative to Clickfunnels and offers a suite of features that are not available in Clickfunnels right now.  I'm not saying that it is better, but that it is different.  Both tools are fantastic for building funnels, and this guide is just showing you how to use Builderall and Clickbank to make money with affiliate marketing.

So without further ado… This step-by-step instruction will show you how you can start affiliate marketing and this will include how you can pick an affiliate product, create a landing page and run Facebook ads or different types of traffic to your landing page, to your affiliate offers and getting people to buy your product.

Note: I am assuming you already know how to pick a good Clickbank product.  In a future article I'll have a step-by-step guide for that.


  1. To start promoting your product in “ClickBank Marketplace”, click on “Promote”.pasted image 0 5
  2. Then, to create your own Affiliate Link click on “Create”.Note: ClickBank will pay you a 20-70% commission for each paying customer who will buy your product through your affiliate link.

    pasted image 0 1
  3. This is the link that you will be sending to your customers so they can be able to buy your product. Once done, click on “Close Window”.Note: You have to create your own unique Affiliate Link!!!!!!pasted image 0 8
  4. You may access the “Affiliate Page” so you can be able to see all the other types of products this vendor promotes.pasted image 0 4
  5. To be able to view other products, you have to “Sign Up” to their page.Note: Once you signed up you will have access to their Launch updates, mailing dates, email swipes, contest prizes and more.pasted image 0 20
  6. Once you have chosen your product, the second step is to build a landing page.First, you have to build a Landing page using “Builderall”.This is where you will be sending your traffic and collect your potential customers’ emails for future marketing opportunities.Note: It is suggested to use Builderall since it’s much cheaper, very easy to use and it all has these incredible tools to build your own website.

    pasted image 0 2

  7. It has different categories that you can use to build your own blogs, website, different niches, and funnels. There are also hundreds of built-in templates that you can choose from and edit easily from those categories.What you need to do is to scroll down to see the different categories.

    Once you have chosen a category, click on the “drop-down” arrow so you can choose the template that will perfectly suit your own website.

    pasted image 0 14
  8. It is a “Drag and Drop” site so it is very easy to use. Just click on the “Drag N Drop Site Builder” on the upper left-hand side of the screen so you can start building your landing page right away.

    pasted image 0 21
  9. There is also an option for “Email marketing and Automation” tool which will allow you to have up to 10,000 subscribers. You can broadcast, create email sequences and automation, and it’s just all in one platform.

    pasted image 0 6
  10. You can also create videos, apps, and responsive sites/blog builder.Click on the “Apps” drop-down button. You will see other options such as “SEO On Page Report Tool”, “Click Map”, “Review Exchange”, “Facebook Inbox Answer”, “Share Locker”, “E-Learning”, “Script Generator” and “Social proof”.Another great thing is the “Facebook Integration Tools and Apps”.Now, click on the drop-down for “Facebook Integration Tools and Apps”, from there you will see the options for “Facebook App”, “Facebook Notifications”, “Intelligent posts”, and “Facebook Leads Capture”.

    Note: This is where you can create your Facebook leads capture and also create automatic inboxing to people on Facebook, automatic inbox answer and you will see that your click-through-rates will be much higher when you’ve integrated all this Facebook app.
    pasted image 0 24

  11. You can also create an “Opt-in” page to collect people’s emails.Scroll down and find “Optin (Squeeze Pages)”, then click on “Optin (Squeeze Pages)”.pasted image 0 9
  12. After that, you may choose your desired template. Once you find your template, click on “Edit”.

    pasted image 0 17
  13. Once you are on the next page, you will be able to edit the headline, colors, background, slogan, and logo.You can also see on the left-hand side of the screen the toolbar which you can use to edit your page and add new pages.pasted image 0 19
  14. To see more options for editing your page, you have to click on the plus sign (+) on the toolbar and a set of new options will appear after doing so.From there you can choose to add pop up, text, banner, boxes and lines, button, images, gallery, audio, and video, etc.pasted image 0
  15. You can make your landing page similar to your sales page, as you treat it like a “pre-sell” page.This way you can build your trust for your potential customers and get them ready to buy your product and also give them free and valuable content from your page.This is also a good way of giving your potential customers an insight into what your product is about.pasted image 0 16
  16. Next is adding “Audio and Video” on your page.Click on the “Return to edit” button on the upper-right corner of the screen.pasted image 0 18
  17. Then, click on the plus sign (+) on the toolbar on the upper left-hand of the screen.Next, click on “Audio and Video”.pasted image 0 11
  18. After that, choose where your video will be coming from. Then, click on the video source from the given options.

    In this example, “Youtube” is selected as the video source.

    pasted image 0 10
  19. A video box will appear on the screen.Next, move your mouse cursor to the video box, then “right click” on your mouse and a list of options will appear.Then, click on “Configure”. 

    pasted image 0 13

  20. After that, you just have to paste the video URL into the “Video URL” section.And finally, click on “Confirm”.pasted image 0 15
  21. You may also add a “Social Proof” to build that trust for your future potential buyers that the product you are selling is legitimate and that more people are amazed by it.To do this, you can just simply take a screenshot of your “Social proof” from your actual sales page and insert it into your landing page.pasted image 0 7
  22. Also, you have to create your own email sequence in order for you to collect your future potential customers' email information.Note: Based on the example given, they have to click on “GET MY FREE REPORT NOW” and a pop-up will appear. In order to create your own email sequence, you have to use whatever email marketing tool you have. You can also use “Mailing Boss” which is also included as an option in “Builderall” because it’s very easy and simple to use and that’s all in one platform.pasted image 0 3
  23. Then, you have to get your customers information like “First name” and “Email”.Note: Once they click on “GET MY FREE REPORT NOW”, your page will automatically send the first email in your email sequence, and it will lead them to your actual sales page where they can get their free video report.

    pasted image 0 12
  24. On your sales page, they will be asked for their “Name” and “Birthdate”.Then, after clicking the “GET MY FREE REPORT NOW!”, they will get their free video report.

    Note: The good thing about this is that it does not really collect their email or credit card information. That will be done later on if your customer would like to get more free report.pasted image 0 22
  25. You can also create a consistent email sequence to send free valuable content while promoting your product. By doing email marketing, you can build trust with your subscribers and will increase the potential that they will buy from you.You can also promote and broadcast a different affiliate product once you have built that positive and strong relationship with your subscribers list and you can also recommend different products that actually relates to that niche.pasted image 0 23And that’s how you use Clickbank for Affiliate Marketing and Builderall!

Note: The a video of this step-by-step training can be found here. Her method showing how to make money with Builderall and Clickbank was so good that I needed to re-purpose it into a printable format.

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