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How to Sell on Merch by Amazon: Merch by Amazon Gimp Tutorial

Gimp is a free Open source software that allows you to create amazing Merch by Amazon designs pretty easily.  It takes a little getting used to at first so here is a Merch by Amazon Gimp Tutorial to get you started in the right direction.  Just follow the directions and you should be good to go with getting your first shirt up!

If you haven't already downloaded the software make sure to follow the directions in my previous post and also download all of the Merch by Amazon templates that are shown in that tutorial.

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☐ 1. Open GIMP software

Open the GIMP software.

image9 7

☐ 2. Open Amazon Shirt template

Press Ctrl+O. A file selection dialog box will appear. Select the Amazon Shirt template that you've previously downloaded from Merch by Amazon. Click on the “Open” button.

Note: We use this template because it already has the presets specified by Amazon for the image files of the designs that we'll be uploading.

image4 7

When the template is opened, press Ctrl+X to remove the existing layer.

image10 6

☐ 3. Add layer

To add the design you've made to this template, click on “File” then “Open as Layers”. A file selection dialog box will appear.

image3 7

Select the image file of the design you want to put on a shirt and click on the “Open” button.

image6 7

Resize and reposition the design across the canvas.

image2 7

☐ 4. Export image

Once you're satisfied, you can now export the template as an image. Click on “File” and then click on “Export”.

image7 7

Rename the file and make sure that the file extension is PNG. Save it where you can easily retrieve it. Click on the “Export” button. Another dialog box will appear.

image8 7

Make sure to tick the checkbox that says “Save background color”. Click on the “Export” button.

image1 7

Wait for the export process to finish.

Merch by Amazon Gimp Tutorial

Your design is now ready to be uploaded in Merch by Amazon!  I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy Merch by Amazon Gimp Tutorial

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