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How to Sell on Merch by Amazon Part 3: How to start Merch by Amazon with Some Free Tools

If you are looking to sell t-shirts on Merch by Amazon then there are some tools that everyone needs in order to get going.  Here's how to start Merch by Amazon by getting you familiar with some easy and free tools to make your Merch experience a breeze.

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☐ 1. Download GIMP

Go to Google and search “Gimp download”

image1 3

Click on GIMP – Downloads.

image3 2

Determine whether you're using it for Mac or Windows before proceeding. 

Note: In this case we will download GIMP for Windows

image13 2

☐ 2. Sign in at Merch by Amazon

Next, open a tab and search “merch by amazon”

image12 2

Once you get to the Merch by Amazon page, click on Sign in

image5 2

Click on Resources at the upper right hand.

image9 2

Click Tools

image7 2

Click on T-shirt templates

image4 2

And download the appropriate template for you.

Note: Since we have GIMP installed, we will download Gimp template.

image11 2

☐ 3. Optional: Download 7-zip

The template file will be in zip format. If you don't have a software to unzip the file, search for “7 zip download” on Google.

image8 2

Choose the appropriate version for your computer.

image6 2

☐ 4. Extract the template

Right click on the file. Choose 7-zip or Winzip whichever you have. Extract the files.

image10 2

And you will have the template that you will need in order to start making some shirts. 🙂

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