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How to Sell on Merch by Amazon Part 4: Design for Merch by Amazon

This is going to be the first part of learning how to design for Merch by Amazon even if you have no design skills at all (I know I don't).  This is how you can use Google images and Gimp to come up with some creative designs.

In this article we will first come up with the idea and then in the next article we'll develop the design even further.

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☐ 1. Determine the design you want to do

Designing inside Merch By Amazon is really fun. It involves your creativity and there's really no limitations as to what design it should be (avoid designs idea of course which are foul, indecent and the like).

First, you need to decide what design you want to put and images that should be in it. It is very important as you will be searching for different images over the net and combine them using different tools (will be discussed in separate processes).

☐ 2. Option 1: Google Images

Go to, click on “Images”

image1 6

Key in your search string and click on the search icon or press “Enter” on the keyboard.

image11 4

Once results, we want to avoid conflicts in the future specific to copyright and trademark. Filter results by click on the “Search Tools” button.

image12 5

A submenu will appear. Choose and click on “Usage Rights” button. Then, click on “Labeled for reuse and modification”. By clicking this, you will be presented results you can use and edit freely.

image8 4

Go through results and click on the images you desire to get. 

Note: It is preferable to already get an image with a transparent background as that would make the word easier considering the next processes.

image4 5

Save the image/s in your desired directory.

image3 5

☐ 3. Option 2: Pixabay

Go to 

image7 4

Key in your search string inside the search box and hit “Enter”.

image10 4

Filter the results by Color to show images with transparent background. Click on Color and choose transparent.

image9 6

Go through the results until you get your desired image/s. Click on “Free Download”. A submenu will appear. Choose the most appropriate size and type of file you want to download. Click on “Download”. Once downloaded, save the image/s to your desired directory.

image6 5

☐ 4. Get different images to complete your designs

There are cases wherein the design requires different images. Hence, follow the same process in getting images, both in Google Images and  Pixabay (step 2 and 3 of this specific process).

image5 6

image2 4

That's how easy it is to come up with ideas. In the next article we'll use what we found here to complete our design.


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