Design with Gimp for Merch by Amazon

How to Sell on Merch by Amazon Part 5: Design with Gimp for Merch by Amazon

This is the next part of the design portion of this series.  Here we will take the images we got from our previous design and finish the design with Gimp for Merch by Amazon.

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☐ 1. Create a new canvas

Note: On this checklist, you will know of few basic tools inside GIMP that are useful in designing shirts in Merch by Amazon. A continuous study whether watching YouTube videos, tutorials and browses are necessary to learn navigating GIMP further and effectively.

Also, you should have GIMP installed in your computer. If you don't have it yet, please proceed and complete checklist 9.03 to get instructions on how to install it to your desktop.

Open GIMP on your desktop.

Once pulled up, click “File” menu.

image1 2

Choose and click on “New” in the submenu.

image2 6

A dialog box will appear to set up the canvass.

On the “Image Size”, make sure you are creating a square canvass. For now, we will use 640×640.

On the Fill section, choose “Transparency” so you can create a design with transparent background.

Click “OK”.

image3 4

☐ 2. Upload the image for editing

Click “File” then select “Open a Layer”.

image10 1

Select the image then click on the “Open” button.

image23 1

Your image is now successfully uploaded on the canvass.

image14 2

☐ 3. Navigate through editing tools in GIMP

Scale your image by clicking on the scale icon in your tool box located on the left side of your screen. Adjust the scale as you desire. Once good, click on the “Scale” button.

image5 3

Move your scaled image to your desired location by clicking on the “Drag” icon.

image7 5

image6 3

Change the color of the image/s matching best the color of the shirt you're designing.

Note: For this example, we are designing a black shirt so we will choose white as the color of the image.

Click on the “Fill” icon to recolor.

image15 1

Choose a color by choosing any of the tabs (whichever is easier for you to choose color from). Then, click OK.

image11 5

Hover mouse and click on parts of the image where you want the color to apply.

image4 4

image19 1

You also have the option to add another layer if your design needs different images. Click on “File” then “Open a Layer”.

image8 5

Select the file you want to add then click “Open”.

image9 4

Scale the additional image by clicking the “Scale” icon. Once done, click “Scale” on the pop-up box.

image17 1

Move the additional image to your desired location by clicking the “Drag” icon.

image13 4

Re-color the image as you desire by following the same steps stated above specific to re-coloring.

image22 1

You also have the option to flip images on your canvass. Click on the “Flip” icon then click the image you want to flip.

image18 1

You also have the option to add text on your design. Click on the “Text” icon to insert text. Start typing the text. Once done, choose your preferred font size, font color and font style.

image21 1

Move the text to your desired location though the use of the “Drag” icon.

image12 3

You also have the option to rotate image to present variations on your design. Click on the “Rotate” icon in your tool box.

image20 1

Once clicked, a dialog box will appear.  Control the rotation bar until you get the right view of your image. Click the “Rotate” button once done.

image26 1

Utilize different editing tools in your tool box as necessary until your design in mind is achieved.

☐ 4. Save your edited design

After your preferred design is achieved, save the design in your computer.

Note: We want to make sure that we are saving the design exactly as what we edited. Note that the normal saving process when we use MS Office or other tools does not work with GIMP as we need to “Export” the image to save it.

Click “File” then choose “Export”.

image16 1

A dialog box will appear so you can set up exporting process. Create a file name then put “.png” as extension then choose your desired directory where the image will be saved.

Choose “PNG image” as the file type.

Once everything is set up, click the “Export” button,

image25 1

You will be prompted to another dialog box entitled “Export Image as PNG”. Make sure that the “Save background color” is checked so the image will retain it's background transparency.

Once checked, click “Export”

image24 1

You have successfully saved your design. You have reached the end of the checklist for this specific process.

image27 1

Boom!  That's it.  It's a super fun and easy way to design with Gimp for Merch by Amazon.  You can do this with anything your heart desires.  Next I'll show you some other ways to get quick designs for Merch by Amazon

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