Using Picmonkey for T-Shirt Designs

How to Sell on Merch By Amazon: Using Picmonkey for T-Shirt Designs

Picmonkey is a paid software that helps you to easily create designs to sell on Merch by Amazon.  It's online and there's nothing to download so that makes it very easy to use.  however, as mentioned before… it is not free so that kind of stinks.  But ultimately if you are going to design shirts that have graphics on them, it's super fast and easy to use.

Not to worry though, I share how to use Gimp to create free designs for your shirt.

Without further ado… here's how you use picmonkey to sell on Merch by Amazon.

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☐ 1. Navigate to PicMonkey website

Go to your browser's address bar and type in

image1 5

☐ 2. Create canvas

Click on “Design” at the top of the screen.

image14 3

On the side bar menu, click on “Canvas Color”.

image9 5

Tick the “Transparent Canvas” checkbox. Click on the “Apply” button.

image5 5

☐ 3. Add and edit overlay

If you want to add an image to your design, click on the butterfly icon on the side bar menu.

image2 5

Click on the “Add your own” button if you retrieved the image you want to use from another site. A file selection dialog box will appear.

You can also use PicMonkey's wide array of overlays available.

image8 6

Locate the image file and click on the “Open” button.

image6 6

Upon adding the image, you can resize it and reposition it across the canvas.

image10 5

☐ 4. Add and edit text

To add text, click on the text icon on the side bar menu.

image4 6

Select a font face and click on the “Add Text” button.

Note: You can only use font faces that do not have i crown icon beside it. Font faces with the crown icon are only available to Premium users.

image11 6

Type in the text that you'd like in your design. You can resize it, reposition it, and even change its color.

image3 6

☐ 5. Save design

Once you're already satisfied with your design, click on “Save” on the upper part of the screen.

image12 6

Rename your file and change the dimensions to 600×600 pixels. Click on the “Save to my computer” button.

image13 5

Click on the “Save” button.

image7 6

Bam…  You have successfully created a shirt design using PicMonkey!  Pretty easy huh?

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