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How to Sell on Merch by Amazon: Using Word Swag for Amazon Merch

I'm about to show you one of the fastest and easiest ways to create amazing text-based T-shirt designs for Merch by Amazon.  When you use Word Swag for Amazon Merch that you create it is literally just typing in the saying you want, choosing a design, and exporting a photo to use on a shirt.

The Word Swag app itself is a couple of bucks and only works on the iPhone and Android phones for now, but man… it is so easy to make shirts with it.

Here's how you do it.

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☐ 1. Open WordSwag application

On your mobile phone, open the WordSwag app. Tap on the photos icon to create a canvas.

image3 3

☐ 2. Create transparent canvas

Tap on “Transparent Background” to create a canvas with a transparent background.

image4 3

WordSwag will ask you to confirm if you want your image to be saved with a transparent background. Tap on “Okay!”.

image2 3

☐ 3. Edit text

Double tap on where it says to change the text.

image6 4

Type in the text you want in your design. Tap on “Save & Close”.

image9 3

☐ 4. Choose text style

There's a wide variety of text styles to choose from. Just swipe and select a style from the bottom tray to preview your text in the desired style.

image10 3

image7 3

image13 3

☐ 5. Save your design

Once you've selected a style, tap on “Save” on the upper right corner of your screen.

image11 3

Tap on “OK”.

image1 4

☐ 6. Transfer image to computer

To transfer your image to your computer, you can do connect your mobile phone to your computer and transfer the files.

You can also email the image to yourself. Upon saving, tap on “Share”.

image5 4

Tap on the Gmail option.

image8 3

Send the email to your own email address.

image12 4

And bam… that's how you use Word Swag for Amazon Merch creation.  Now get out there and start making a ton of T-shirts!


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