I Can’t Sell, I Am Shy. Can I Still Make Money?

If you are like me, one of the biggest stumbling blocks in business was the feeling that I was a greasy used-car salesman whenever I wanted to sell something of value. Whether it's a service or product if you are an introvert, you are likely to feel uncomfortable taking money for anything simply because you feel as though your taking advantage of the other person. Well, in this article you are going to learn why that is not the case. Not only that you're going to see that even though you may be a little shy, being an introvert gives you an advantage over other people when trying to sell your services or products.

Imagine this, you meet a new friend and after a little bit of talking and getting to know them you reach into their pocket. You both feel awkward – your friend is wondering what the heck you're doing, and you feel like a greedy slob. More than likely, this relationship isn't going to last.

I would argue that the reason why most new entrepreneurs feel so uncomfortable selling is because they have a false view of what selling is. Most of the time someone who just started a business is trying to get money. That's not bad, every business needs to generate some revenue in order to stay afloat. However, in order to truly have a sustainable business there's much more to than just raising capital.

Let's go back to the fundamentals. Why does anybody buy anything? Is it because they just want to spend their hard earned money on something that they don't need or don't want? Of course not! The reason why anybody buys anything is because that service or product is going to better their life in some way or another. It could be something that helps them to earn more money in their business, helps them to save time, or just something that makes them feel good. Ultimately the sky's the limit as to what the value is.

afraidjpgAll that being said, the reason why most newbies feel dirty when trying to sell a service or product is because they have a false view of what their business is about. You are in the business of helping others. So that means that you have to reframe everything when it comes to selling. It may seem counterintuitive but your primary purpose is not to make money when you're selling your goal is to help the other person to see the value that your product or service is going to bring to her life.

As soon as you start reframing why you sell, the easier it will be when you're on the phone or in person with a potential client.

So here are some tips that will help you sell better than your competition, even if you think that you hate selling:

– Don't try to sell the first time that you meet somebody. The key is to build a relationship. Not only that it needs to be a true relationship is one in which you actually care about the other person. Ask about their business, their family, what they like to do, what their needs are, and so on. The deeper you make the relationship the easier it is to sell them later on. Not only that you will honestly know whether or not your service or product is going to benefit them – which is the most important thing.

– Questions are king. Everybody can talk the talk, but not everyone can listen. The more you listen the more valuable you become. I can't tell you how many times I was able to outsell my competitors even though I priced my services four times as much simply because my competitors didn't take the time to listen to their prospect. When you listen you begin to understand the needs of your prospect. For introverts, this is cake (for extroverts, not so much) because introverts tend to value the relationship more than anything else. So because you understand the needs of your prospect more you can target pain and pleasure principles when selling to them.

– Give it your prospect a reason to buy. Find one thing that would be extremely painful if they did not have your service or product. By making them feel an emotional reaction to some sort of pain that would occur without you you will be able to sell them more than half the time. Of course, you need to listen first as mentioned before, but if you are able to find the one thing that would be a detriment if they did not go with you over your competitors you will be golden.

Yes you can sell. Yes you have to sell. Don't be afraid to try and help people by giving them something that they need – your service or product. What you have is valuable and you should not be ashamed of that at all. Whether you are new entrepreneur or not you need to get out there and start talking to people. The more that you do the easier it will become. Take action on the strategies and I promise you that you'll start to see your sales increase tremendously since most new business owners are worried only about one thing – making more money – and not about building strong and true relationships with customers that will buy from you over and over again.