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Keyword Inspector Trends Tool Tutorial Quick Start

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Hey guys, it's Dean Soto with The Online Empire Academy. Want to do a quick start tutorial for the Keyword Inspector trends tool. This is a tool that when you first start using it you either think that it's the most amazing tool ever or you are like, what the heck is this? This is just a bunch of weird data and I don't even know what to do with it. I wanted to do just a quick start tutorial, something that would very easily, that you can use right off the bat. The way that I use it, I don't like spending a lot of time doing a lot of research, it's just not the way I am, so I thought that this would be perfect for anyone who just wants to know how to use the tool and not only that, how to use it effectively and quickly. You're going to get a nice little sneak peek at this is what the new user interface looks like. It is still in beta right now, but maybe months after this video is made this will not the beta, this will be the full version, but it looks pretty dang awesome.

In the last video we went over the reverse ASIN keyword tool and now we're going to do the keyword trends tool. Let's do this, let's click this search right here next to keyword trends. All right, so this is the keyword trends tool, the Amazon keyword trends tool from Keyword Inspector. It's absolutely awesome, as I had mentioned before. There is a couple of things that you're going to note in here. One, you have these three things up here, sorry, these four things, but I focus on this. It does have a UK tool add-on if you're in the UK. You have today's new top keywords, this week's top keywords and top trending keywords for this week, okay?

These are newest keywords. This one is the trending keywords for the week, top trending keywords for the week. You can click any one of those and it's going to give you all those things. It's a conglomeration of stuff, it's just a whole smorgasbord of stuff. I don't generally use it. Every now and then I do. You might get some good ideas in there and we can do that at the very end, but I'm not going to do it in this thing.

Second thing you're going to notice if you start scrolling down, there is a lot of stuff. There's everything from using exact match keywords to broad match keywords to the seven day average, thirty day average, things like that. One thing that I like using when I am doing drop shipping, because price isn't really that big of a deal, there is a section here, average price for products on first page, so not only will it give you the keywords, but based off of the keywords it will also give you the average price of all of the products that are on there. If you want something that's over two hundred dollars generally then you can put two hundred here and it would give you the key words that really only have products that are average over two hundred dollars on the first page. Pretty cool. It's actually really, really cool when you use that.

You can do sales per day, different categories, things like that, but guess what, this is a quick start guide, I'm going to show you how to use this quickly. Okay, so now, I drop shop on Amazon, I also do some different merch by Amazon type stuff, and so this is where it really shines. If you're doing wholesale, you don't have to drop ship, I've been drop shipping for a year plus and I love it, but it's generally the same thing as wholesale, so if you're doing wholesale or maybe you're doing merch by Amazon or maybe you're doing some kind of creative thing, this is where it really, really, really, in my opinion, shines. You can use it for a ton of other things, but this is what I use it for, this is where I know that it actually has an amazing benefit.

What I want to do here is, I'll show you how to use it for merch, I'll show you how to use it for wholesale as well. Easy way to do this, because remember, when we're doing wholesale, when we're doing merch, those two things, generally we're looking for niche ideas because then we can go contact vendors or dealers and things like that. We're looking for more of the idea than we are a specific product. When you're using something like, say, another tool that's more of a product research tool, then you are going to end up getting specific products rather than necessarily an idea.

I want to use this with an idea, so let's start with more of the merch by Amazon type stuff, and then we'll go into more how to use it with wholesale. All right, so let's just do the funny niche, okay? I usually like to use this keyword list broad match, funny nursing, funny doctor, funny gardener, or funny gardening. How about funny … What else is there? Sewing. Things like that. Just a couple of things that kind of give a whole broad range of ideas. Now, what am I going to select for all these things down here? What am I going to select for all of these? Nothing. I'm not even going to touch them, because I just want the idea. I'm going to click this search keywords, and sometimes it takes a while so I'm actually going to pause the video and then we'll start up again.

Okay, it finished. Awesome. Just so you know, the UI on this is still kind of beta-ish, so it's going to be weird going through this, but it does have a cool little floating column thing now, which, gosh it's hard on the other UI. Anyway, now look at what we've got here. We have what Keyword Inspector's trends tool feels is the best rank. You have your keyword, you have your current volume, current monthly volume, Amazon results. Amazon results is basically … Well, there it pops up, the number of products that were found when this keyword was searched on Amazon.

First found, when the keyword was first found, which is totally awesome, because, what if you found a keyword yesterday, what if it found a keyword even right here where it says twenty-five days ago, it found a keyword twenty-five days ago, then we don't have as much data to know if this is a seasonal product or if this was … Maybe it could have been a trend, like an actual fashion trend. Think of the Macarena or Gangnam style, not very many people are going to be searching for that anymore, right, but it was huge, those things were huge when they were around. Just because it's a trend now doesn't mean it's going to be a trend later. In fact, it becomes very embarrassing later for the most part, and so most people are not going to buy it. If we find something here, see these graphs right here, and we see that it was first found three hundred and sixty days ago or seven hundred and nineteen days ago, we know, “Okay, this term is a long evergreen term.”

We just have a lot of different data here. Pricing data, average sales rank for first page which tells you how fast it's going generally, those things, and just a ton of data. Sometimes it's overwhelming, sometimes it's not. For me, I like to go with just a current search volume data, so this is volume per month. Right now these aren't very high. I would probably take this with a grain of salt, just because nobody really knows for sure what the actual data is. I've had things where other tools have said that it has very low search and then Keyword Inspector agrees with them and says it has very low search, but then I go run sponsored ads and there's a lot of searching for it, and likewise vice versa with that.

Let's look at this one right here, ‘nurse shirts funny for women'. Now, with the new UI it only has this search on Amazon, but with the older AI you can actually search … This will be on the newer UI as well, you can actually search for Amazon merch only shirts, which is cool, as well as Google trends. Those will show up, and I'll show you how to do that. It's a cool little thing you do. We can click this search on Amazon to see what's actually on there. We see a whole bunch of different nurses' shirts, right? The thing to note is ‘nurse shirts funny for women'. Nobody's really going for that term that I can see. ‘Nurse t-shirt funny profession', ‘nursing requirements', ‘cute enough', but no one's really going for that particular shirt. You look at all these, there's not too many. In fact, there's not even too many, really it looks like the only merch shirt that comes up for this is this one right here. This looks like an Amazon merch shirt. ‘I am a nurse t-shirt funny profession t-shirt.'

Okay, so really no one's going after this specific term. I can then go and say, “Okay, well I'm going to create this nurse t-shirt and go after that specific term.” Hopefully I'd be able to rank off of that, whether it's a t-shirt that I am selling on merch or somehow I'm selling physically as well. Same thing, ‘funny ties for doctors', let's click this Amazon thing. We see right here that this has a nice steady search volume, pretty cool. Click into there. ‘Funny ties for doctors'. You see, kind of cool, because nobody is really going for that term here. Five hundred and two searches per month. I mean, that's not a lot of searches, I mean, it's not, but let's see, if we go look here, it's a steady stream, it's not going that big of a trend anywhere, so it's kind of a steady stream there, but nobody's really going that, ‘funny ties for doctors'. In fact, the first thing that comes up is ‘bow ties are cool', this t-shirt, which tells me there's really nobody going for that particular keyword, so that's pretty cool.

Yeah, you can use this, you can use this as like a keyword research tool to design clothes, things like that, different merchandise, and so on. It's pretty darn cool to do it that way. Let me tell you how to do it with wholesale, okay? I'm going to go back to the keywords trends tool and the UI's going to mess up because it's still in beta and go back to the beginning. Click search. All right. Now, it's a little bit different with wholesale, because I want to do more ideas, okay? Let me think of how I want to do this. Wholesale might be, let's see, generators, and I'm coming at it from a drop ship wholesale generator because price isn't really that big of an issue when you're drop shipping. Say, generator, or how about ‘magic kit musical instrument', let's do that. Or how about, let's think of one more, how about ‘billiard'. Let's do ‘billiard' like that, because the reason why I keep it general like that is because it's going to give me more potential search words which means more potential niches.

Now, for me, as a drop shipper I would probably go and do a higher priced thing so I can say, price for products on the first page minimum of two hundred or whatever. Let's just keep it this way. I'm not going to change any of this other stuff, because I want to see all of the different potential search terms, okay? I click on search I'm going to pause it and start it up when it's all done. Okay, it's all done. Now what we got here? We have generator, look at the current search volume, much higher than what we were searching for with the nursing and doctor stuff, seven hundred and sixty-eight thousand. We have things like generators and invertors, generators and invertors here, seven hundred and forty-five thousand here.

Look, it first found keyword suggestions in one days. When I see that it's the first keyword that was found, it was like one day ago or two days ago or seven days ago I don't trust this, I don't trust the search volume. I want to have something that's been steady like this, okay. I actually personally don't know what the algorithm does in itself, that's James the developer, the genius behind it, he knows how, but I don't trust that particular thing. Let's look at this invertor generator, it's been around for seven hundred and sixty days. Obviously that's going to be more expensive, average price is around seven hundred and sixty-nine. I'm going to click onto here, right, invertor, generator, I do see a lot of sponsored ads here so I might not go for this particular thing. At least I had an idea of maybe going after and finding a dealer or a supplier for this, but there's a lot of sponsored ads for that invertor generator.

You're going to get a lot of brand names, but you just have to go through them and look through this. Right here, one day's best seller is in musical instruments, I highly doubt that that's two hundred and thirty-five thousand. Portable generator cables, even though it says one day I would think that that actually would come up. I don't see a lot of sponsored ads. The first portable generator cable right here is right, but then you have a generator, you have a bunch of things that are not very relevant, so I would actually probably go and see if I can get my hands as a wholesaler on some generator cables like this. Yes, you have a good amount of competition but nobody's really doing sponsored ads or anything like that. Nobody has portable generator cables in here. Let me see how many came up for this. As far as Amazon results, one thousand seven hundred and fifty-three, because that's going to be broad match. It's not going to have all those averages there.

Here, this is just a hunch for me that this, I don't think it's going to be two hundred and twenty-three thousand, but I think it will be high and it's priced right, if this from a wholesale, if you're able to get this at fifty to sixty percent off, which with cables you probably could get that depending on where you are getting them from. That would be a nice little thing to wholesale there, you know. You might even be able to get them for less, because I can't imagine that these are going to be a high cost of goods, but generally I never would have come up with cables. Generators, I would have, but the cables themselves, it doesn't look like there are a lot of competition here.

This is how you can see how powerful the trends tool is. It's giving you all these awesome ideas, like a general keyword research tool, but at the same time you're able to have all these different ways of looking and seeing, is this going to be a trend or is this going to not. If I went down and I look, I see some ozone generator. Ozone generator, I don't actually know what that is. We see here, now this drop and trend it might be just because Keyword Inspector stopped the algorithm, it's not searching for it or whatever. Let's see, if we click on this ozone generator, I had no idea what that was before, but apparently that's what an ozone generator looks like. Maybe they have ozone generator cables, I don't know, but we can see that that's a steady stream of around a hundred and fifty thousand searches. Pretty cool. Dual field generator. If we look, a PTO generator is probably a brand.

You can see how powerful this can be in getting just amazing ideas off of this and using this for wholesale, using this for things like merch by Amazon and so on. Hopefully that gives you an idea of how to use … This is just a quick start guide, there's so many other things that you can use this for and so many other ways that you can use it, but this is a quick start guide for how to use trends, this is how I use it, I use it as quickly as possible and I trained my guys to use it as quickly as possible. Very, very cool tool, great for product research, great for keyword research, great for any type of merch by Amazon type stuff as well as any other design creative type things like that. It just gives you so much to go off of when doing your niche research. Hopefully that helps. If you have any questions, please let us know. This is Dean Soto with Online Empire Academy for Keyword Inspector. Hope you enjoyed this quick start tutorial on the Amazon keyword trends tool.


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