Lazy Marketing: The Kindle Experiment and Marketing Challenge!

I hate marketing! It's not that there's anything wrong with it, it just that I'm not good at it. There's something about having to go out and constantly get in front of people in order to get your products or services seen that just seems to me like a lot of unnecessary work. don't get me wrong, it's necessary to market but there has to be a better way, right?

Well, I think I found a better way.

Now I'm not totally sure that is going to work, but I wanted to find a way to not only market my stuff passively, but also market for free or get paid to do so. Now, you might think I'm crazy but think about the largest online publisher in the world and what they have to offer.

That's right I'm talking about Amazon!

With Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing, there is an opportunity to not only publish online content that is equivalent to having a book in your hands, but you also have the ability to get in front of a lot of eyeballs without having to spend any money. In fact, if your content is good and people purchase it you are actually making income.

Just to try out this experiment, I created a small guide called  “The Super Newbie's Guide to Web Marketing” that runs about 6000 words. In that guide are helpful online sales and marketing strategies for people who are either brand-new, or don't really have an idea how to market their existing website.

Back-end marketing

Now, the beauty of this is that within the content there backend and ways to generate income. For example there's an entire section in the guide that talks about Magic Action Box and how it can help convert new visitors to your website. There are also links to my blog, as well as one or two affiliate links.

The purpose isn't to create junk content and stuff it with affiliate links (like I'm sure a lot of people do). Quite the contrary, you have to deliver amazing content that you would only find in something like a book, and when you do you can develop trust and credibility.  If you foster that trust and have ways in your Kindle book for the reader to findyour other offers, you have the potential to make more revenue. So, even though you're published Kindle book may only be $.99, what you have within the book and how you sell on the backend could mean a lot more money in the long run.

Up for the challenge?

Now this is something completely new (for me) that I'm trying, but I wanted to take you along for the ride. This way we can learn together and I can make all the mistakes so that when you publish your Kindle book you'll know the best way to do so and not waste time like I might be wasting.

I already know that I've made some mistakes. For example, I didn't do the keyword research that I should have done before hand. Especially when publishing something to Amazon that has the opportunity to be seen in Google searches a lot more easily, I should've paid more attention to this. I don't know how it will turn out and hopefully it doesn't affect the sales of this particular book, but we will have to see as time goes on.

But other than that even if it's only seen by 10 or 15 people that's 10 or 15 people that I wasn't able to reach out to before. However, I have a feeling that it's going to be a lot more effective.

Anyway, you're always welcome to join me in doing this! Together we can find ways to save time marketing what we have to offer and hopefully making money doing so. If you are up for it, leave a comment with a link to your blog post about this challenge and the strategy that you are going to take.  I'll link back to everyone in the challenge in the next installment and will also go step-by-step into the strategy I am using.

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  • Sharon

    February 5, 2012

    Hi Dean, this is a really interesting post as publishing a Kindle book is on my ‘to do’ list this year. I’m currently building my site/blog which will be aimed at women who want to lose weight. While I don’t feel confident enough to write an ‘authority’ book yet I thought I would start with a healthy recipe book. I’d be very interested to know what you would have done differently re your keyword research.


    • Dean Soto

      February 5, 2012

      Hey Sharon!

      Thanks for the comment! Your blog looks great, just checked it out! Once your content going I think it’d be great!

      Heh, totally understand what you mean about not feeling like you could be an authority yet. A friend and mentor of mine says that after a while you just have to stop caring about whether or not you are an expert or not and just do it. The market will tell you if you are or not. I don’t feel like much of an expert either, heh, but you and I have experiences and success to share that nobody else can. However, I do think that your idea for a recipe book would be a great idea. It’s all about using Kindle to bring people back to your site ;).

      Maybe offer 1-year free access to your weekly recipe newsletter that’s normally $4.95/mo to people who purchase your ebook (doesn’t exist, i know, but an idea, hehe)?

      Oh, yup, my book just got published and I’ll be posting about the mistakes and successes. Especially the keyword research thing. 😛