New LIVE Podcast for So Totally Business Savvy

Hey everyone!  Okay, something big is about to happen this week.

I'm a HUGE fan of Q an A and I've been dying to find a way to get you more involved in the podcast.  After ruminating a bit on how I could possibly get live callers on the show without having to spend a ton of money, I could use my webinar subscription!

So what does this mean?

Here's the plan:  Every saturday morning at 9AM PST I will do the show like I normally do, but the difference is that you can be there live and ask any question that you want.  It'll be just like a radio show… I'll do a little monologue in the beginning, you and I will talk, then the show will end just like normal.

This will help to do 2 things:

  1. We get to build a deeper relationship.
  2. I'll be held accountable to keep the podcast going on a weekly basis.

I didn't want to use USTREAM because it's mainly text in a chat room.  The goal is to be able to hear you and also to promote your endeavors on the podcast too.  Everyone will love to hear what you have to say!

Sound good?

If you are interested, you can register for the next live podcast here! You'll help take this podcast to the next level!

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  • Harry

    April 7, 2012

    Dean, this sounds like a great plan. I think many of your fans (not to mention a My Eco fan) would love this format. Who knows, maybe I will call in myself sometime and you can pick my brain and we can have a blast sharing about family, business and life in general. This is Pawrific!