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073 OEA Podcast: 4 Keys to Powerful Communication

Hey guys! Josh Woodward here. All of us have run into the problem of an angry buyer or seller. Its not always easy knowing how to respond. Good communicators are hard to find. After today you will have some practical tools on how to become one of those few fantastic communicators. You won’t believe the results you will see if you implement the steps taught in this episode.

Why is good communication so important?

We communicate every single day. Whether it be with family, friends or costumers you are communicating on a daily basis. The key is being able to LISTEN. A huge portion of listening is not just “hearing” the words coming out of someones mouth but your ability to articulate clearly back to that person what you have heard. The best business men and women have gotten where they are today because of what they have said but what they have done. Listen, ask good questions then do. Good listeners are fantastic communicators.

In this podcast I will brake down how to become a GREAT communicator. This is not a “4 steps and your done” kind of class. These steps are a diving board into a world of powerful communication. You will need to adapt these lessons to your own life. Making them your own is the most powerful part of these tools. This is something I have been working on for the past 7 years. I am still not perfect but I am choosing to grow every single day. Create goals for yourself, implement each new tool one step at a time.

You will be learning, 

– Low and Slow Communication

– The “I feel” Technique

– 4 Steps

1. Calm Down

2. Validate that you hear

3. Pursue understanding

4. Healthy boundaries

This, by far, has to be one of my favorite subjects and something I have dedicated my life to. I hope that these tools help you in every area of your life not just work but family and friends as well.

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