Why are your products selling?

Questions Your Products Should Answer During Market Research

Recently I've been on a kick…  I've asking Amazon sellers some questions that every single one of them should know.


I was SHOCKED that most, if not all, had no clue how to answer my simple questions when it came to customer and market research.  Think you can answer them?  Let's see how well you do…

Question #1 Why is Your Product Selling?

This question applies to private label products as well as hard to make bundles – why are they selling?  Don't say sales rank…  sales rank is just an indicator of sales velocity.

See, we Amazon sellers are spoiled.  If we had an offline business we would have to know 100% why our products are selling or else we would be up a creek.

The thing about this question is that it opens the doors to a ton of opportunities.  If you know why something is selling you can branch off, add, remove, fix products to make things sell even more.

Question #2 Who is Buying Your Product?

Once again, we Amazon sellers get so complacent and lazy because Amazon basically does the majority of marketing for us.  They have the data and we rely on them like little children asking for breakfast.

Who is buying your product?  Is it Grandma?  Is it the end user?  Is it a boyfriend? Who?

When you know who, you will know even more the why.

Question #3 How Is Your Product Being Found?

Is your product being found via Google, via Amazon's search, or directly linked?  What keywords are people typing in in order to find your product?  If you don't know this how do you expect to optimize your listing to sell more?

Why all of the questions?

Here's the deal.  What happens if Amazon stops letting you sell your stuff on their platform.  If you haven't already asked these questions and found the answer, you are going to be at square one trying to keep sales going.  Not only that, wouldn't be nice to just make more sales in general while Amazon is still the goldmine that it is?

Whether it's analyzing the names of the people that purchase your items, the times they buy, their location, or if it's creating a robust Amazon sponsored ad campaign that gives you a ton of usable data – finding out the answers to these questions is paramount to becoming ultra-successful as a seller.


About The Author

Dean Soto

Founder of the Online Empire Academy and creator of Wooshmetrics.com