To run a successful business I always need to make sure I am using the best tools and methods possible.  These are all of the systems and products that I currently use and that I recommend to all of my clients.

Project Management



Over the years I've used a ton of different project management tools out there such as Basecamp, Trello, etc…  but nothing compares to what Asana does.  Asana is the backbone of my staff, and best of all it's free (they have a premium version but I have yet to need to upgrade to it and I've been using it for a while.

What I love most about it is that it has heavy integration with Zapier, which lets me automate a lot of my drop shipping tasks and automatically assign my staff with new orders and customer inquiries.

Google Docs (Google Drive)


Google drive is a given tool that pretty much everyone uses.  I use this for everything from the slides to my webinars, to template creation for all of my guys' emails they send to customers or suppliers.  I also use Google forms to interview potential Virtual Assistant candidates.  It's a newer method of interviewing but has been VERY effective.

Keyword Research

Keyword Inspector


Longtail pro


Google keyword planner isn't that great to use anymore for keyword research, so I made the switch over to Longtail Pro.  I actually bought the platinum upgrade for the tool that make it so you can quickly asses the competition and traffic for a particular keyword with only a number.  the lower the number, the easier it is to rank for the keyword.  It's best used for blog and Youtube titles etc.



Ubersuggest is a free tool that lets you find even longer tail keywords from Google.  Essentially it uses the Google suggest bar to see what people have been recently searching for.  It blasts through a ton of suggested terms and gives them to you in an easy-to-use format.

Keyword Researcher


Keyword Researcher Pro is Ubersuggest on crack.  It's a paid tool that basically does the same thing as Ubersuggest but you can do more types of google suggest bar searches.  I've used this successfully to rank blog posts and youtube videos for keywords that Google Keyword Planner wasn't showing yet because they were relatively new but were being searched a lot by people.

Processes and Systems

Process Street


Process Street is another tool that is a part of the backbone of my business.  All of the processes and systems in my business from blog posting, to product launches, to drop shipping are housed in this software.  It's easy to use, you can schedule processes and assign them to people, and you can export all of your processes to printable checklists too.  As of writing this I have over 60 separate processes that have between 7 – 50 steps each.

This software is one of the reasons I am able to completely hand off my businesses to my virtual assistants.



I've been using for over 6 years now and it's still the best place to find quality virtual assistants without having to constantly pay a percentage to a marketplace.  Once you find your VA you work with them directly and pay them directly too.  I've tried many different places to grow my staff, nothing compares to



What's not to love about Hubstaff?  I am able to track hours, take screenshots of my worker's screens to make sure they are working on important tasks, and best of all I am able to automatically pay my staff every week.  The payroll capability of this software alone has saved me a ton of time and money.  I also know that I am paying for actual work done rather than just a base salary for my employees.  I can't say enough good things about Hubstaff.

Youtube Marketing



I've recently started pushing heavily into the Youtube space and Tubebuddy has made it a joy to create video content to share with my Youtube community.  It helps you do keyword/tag research, you can quickly create thumbnails, bulk edit videos, bulk promote videos, analyze the success of your channel and it will also suggest new ways to grow your channel.

It's super easy to use and I've been having a blast using it.  I'm not a youtube master, but even if you are brand new it will help you to learn Youtube marketing best practices.



Camtasia is my baby.  If you are creating video content where you have to show your screen, this is the software you need to use.  With every new version it's been getting easier and easier to use.  I also use this to record processes for my VAs so they can learn now company processes quickly.




Auphonic is a really cool service that I use to automatically process my podcast audio.  It lets you create templates so you can add podcasting metadata easily and it also integrates with Dropbox, Amazon S3 and more.  Because of the integration with those two apps I use Zapier with Dropbox to automatically make transcripts and other things when podcast processing is complete.




I use Sparkshipping to automate all of my drop shipping fulfillment on Amazon.  When I sell an item on Amazon, it will automatically contact my supplier with all of the customer information so I don't have to.  You can even set it up to automatically input tracking numbers and notify Amazon that things have shipped.  Really great piece of software.



In less than 10 minutes I was able to take some of my best selling Amazon products and post them onto eBay.  Joelister is a great and easy way to grow your bottom line by migrating your Amazon listings over to eBay.  Not only does it migrate them, it also manages inventory for you between the two channels.  Super easy to use.

Marketing and System Automation



Automate everything in your business with Zapier… seriously.  Zapier lets you connect and chain apps together.  I use it to create blog posts when I create new Youtube videos, notify and post to all of my social channels when there's new content, notify and assign tasks to my staff in Asana when new orders come in from Amazon or if there is a customer inquiry, I can even account for sales from various sales channels and put them on a single spreadsheet.  the possibilities are limitless.



Email marketing is dead… long live automation marketing. If you are on my mailing list or if you've purchased a product from me at all you'll see marketing automation in action.  After you purchase a product you may get a card, or phone call thanking you.  You may answer a survey and get a deal on a product.  You might be invited to a webinar after clicking on a link.  Infusionsoft lets me scale my personal attention and reach out to each of my customers in ways nobody else can.