Still Wondering “Why Can’t I Find a Job?” Why Not Make Your Own Job?

A lot of people are asking “Why can't I find a job?” That is the wrong question to ask. I don't mean to sound insensitive, but by the end of this post I hope to clarify what I mean.

Businesses need help

Over the last few decades, we've grown accustom to seeing businesses as non-human entities that work on their own. We see large corporations and rarely try to understand exactly how they generate a profit in order to support their staff.  Jobs are only found on sites like and we hope that we'll be picked by one of the 50 jobs that we've applied to.

Well, the tides are shifting and we are starting to see that things don't really work that way anymore.  The positions that appear on job boards have hundreds or thousands of other people applying to them.  Often, there is already someone in mind when the hiring manager posts the job out of an HR formality.  We are starting to see that the old way of job hunting is dead.

Now is the time to create your own position…

Small businesses need you in order to survive.  Small businesses rely on sales and revenue to grow and make bigger and better products and services, and because of the economy – this means that you have an amazing opportunity.

Rather than spend your time applying to requisitions, why not talk to small business owners in your area and ask if you could sell for them at a commission and no base pay?  It's a win-win and not as hard as you think.

Get the Reward for the Risk

While you may not feel like you are a sales person, there are a ton of businesses out there that are more than happy to pay you to help them get their products sold without having to take you on as a W-2 employee.  That means that you are contracted and are self-employed, but that they will pay you a certain percentage for every sale that they make that was a direct result of your performance.

I recently started helping a company that develops restaurant franchises. In short, I help investors and entrepreneurs add emerging restaurant chains to their portfolio (I'll go into detail on another post). As of writing this, I do not have a base pay, but I do have the potential to make 5 figure or even 6 figure commissions depending on the deal.

Even with Pro Sulum, LLC, I have a number of folks that refer clients to me and every time I close a sale I give them 20%. Considering that a good amount of my deals are 10K+ for websites and other online initiative, that's about 2K per deal to the referrer (If you want to sell for me, just ask).

All you have to do is ask

Why not create your own job by going to a networking event and asking business owners there if you could help promote their business? Be tactful of course, but offer your services as a sales person and let them know that they won't pay anything unless you make a sale. Offer a win-win solution and you may have the opportunity to create your own business based around selling other people's services.

What I am saying is this – take the initiative and stop being afraid to talk to people. If you go outside and meet people, opportunities will occur. It's when you put yourself at risk for rejection as see if you could help other people to grow their business that you'll be presented with ways to earn more. Screw job boards, make your own job.

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