Testimonial: Orange County Shutters Dominates Local Rankings

“Dean was able to not only increase our sales by 32% through increasing our organic search traffic, but we also saved over 67% on our marketing budget at the same time.  I highly recommend Pro Sulum, and Dean, to anyone looking to increase the performance of their business.”  -Richard Gloudeman, Owner, Orange County Shutters

Okay, this is the first time I am actually going to make a blog post out of a testimonial (and those who know me know that I hate tooting my own horn), but because I am super proud and excited about this I just had to share it.  This last quarter, I had the pleasure of helping a local business increase their online advertising effectiveness, while at the same time I got to prove my hypothesis correct.

The situation. . .

Orange County Shutters, a local company that deals with high quality plantation shutters, was spending a couple thousand dollars monthly on Google Adwords advertising.  It was effective, for the most part, but they really wanted a better way to be able to reach out to their local audience without killing their budget.

The good thing was that the owner understood search engine rankings and how it all worked, so they knew not to fall for the so-called “SEO Consultants” that are really swindlers.  They contacted me and I suggested that we do a 3-month trial, and if they saw no gains at all I'd give them their money back.

The market…

The great thing about their market was that NOBODY had a clue about SEO and good web practices that search engines like.  Seriously, if you do a search for “plantation shutters” or “orange county shutters” other than a couple of the big names, everyone else pretty much have static html or horrendously gaudy and un-optimized sites.

For example, one our strategies was to target the keywords of local cities.  Normally this would be moderately effective, but with blog post after blog post they were reaching the first page – if not #1 – within a few days.  Of course, this is not normal, but because their market is clueless, it worked out perfectly.

How it was done…

If you've taken a look at “31 Days to Becoming a CEO” course, you'd know immediately my strategy.  I took a huge risk…

Basically, I hired a writer and trained her on great on-page and off-page SEO practices while at the same time interfacing with the customer on their strategy.  As my writer was training, I was creating a game plan.

The risk was two-fold:

  1. My writer could have turned out to be horrible and I'd have to save face or refund my client
  2. My overall strategy could have failed, and I'd have to refund my client.

The leap of faith was worth it.


My writer worked out, and I let my client know that they would see moderate gains the first month, but that it would create momentum.  However, within the first month their rankings jumped quickly and they started seeing a lot more sales from organic traffic.  So much so that they need to expand or else they'll lose out on prospective clients.

If you'd like to talk about Online Marketing or Web Development for your business, I'd love to hear from you.  You can reach me at 714-868-6745 or email me at Dean@entrepreneurideadads.com.


  • Paul Tran

    December 22, 2010

    Way to go, Dean! So proud of what you're doing to help businesses invest again, get ROI again, and spur spending and recovery once more. I'm looking forward to more of these testimonials; they're a testament to smart, relevant, client-centric companies like yours, and they inspire folks like me!

    • Dean Soto

      December 23, 2010

      Dude, thanks so much! =) Means a lot coming from you!

      We'll see what 2011 brings. Can't wait. =)