What’s up with people and partnering?

No too long ago Brett and I did a podcast about why you want to partner and what are some of the best ways to make sure that partnerships were win-win for both parties.  The point of the conversation was this… don't be greedy.

What?!?! You greedy?  No way!  All you want is your fair share right?


Here's the problem…  everyone wants their fair share… but what the heck is that?

A partnership requires a number of things to be successful.  First, there needs to be complimentary resources (we'll only touch on this during this post.  We'll talk about the other aspects later).  That means that each partner needs to bring something to the table.

Normally having complimentary resources is interpreted as a 50/50 deal.  However, that's not always the case – and that's totally fine.  In fact, sometimes it is better to have what seems to be a lopsided relationship.

For example, if you were getting paid $7000 for a website would you think that paying your partner $4K a good deal?

No, right?



Not too long ago a friend of mine wanted me to develop a site for one of his clients.  He offered $7000 to do it and we got going.  I handed off $4K to my business partner that develops amazing websites, he handled everything, and I profited $3K.  Yup, getting paid $3K and hour is pretty awesome.

Here's the deal.  Stop looking at partnerships as only monetary percentages.  There is so much more to offer and so many ways you can team up with other people and provide value.  Whether it's the other person having an infrastructure that you can leverage so you no longer have to do the heavy lifting, or it's someone selling your product for you, or it's outsourcing the entre process so someone else – there are more ways to work together.

Stop focusing on the money and focus on the value that value.


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Dean Soto

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