Why You Want to Start Outsourcing Parts of Your Business

We Amazon FBAers are notorious for wanting to do everything ourselves.  We feel like we have the time to pack, ship, and research new products streams.  The problem is that, even though we may have the time, there is only so far we can go until we plateau and our business becomes stagnant.

One of the biggest blessings for my business has been learning how to outsource.  Whether it's outsourcing Amazon FBA tasks or anything else, to be able to build something bigger than myself has been crucial.

Of course, if you've never outsourced anything at all ever you are probably wondering where to start.

Well this article is going to help you out…

Are you even ready to outsource?

Handing all of your work off to someone sounds nice.  It sounds like a very easy way to get out of doing a lot of work that you probably didn't want to do in the first place.

The problem is, outsourcing is a big deal and can cost you a lot of money.

Let's face it – not everyone's business is ready to be outsourced.

Here's how to tell if you are ready to hand some of your business off to someone else:

  1. You have already established procedures that you do every day.
  2. You are able to communicate those procedures to someone else easily.
  3. These procedures actually make money for you.
  4. They can be done remotely.

If you aren't able to meet these requirements, you probably shouldn't outsource.

How and Where to Outsource

I am a big fan of outsourcing to the Philippines. It's probably the #1 cheapest and highest quality in the world.  Their work ethic is awesome and they understand American English and culture.

Before jumping into how to get started, I want to make it clear that if you meet the above prerequisites you have to keep the focus that you primarily want to outsource tasks that make you money.

The reason being is that when you are making money you never get the sense that if you were to fire the person that you've hired you'd be better off.  What I mean is, if you are only outsourcing time-saving tasks you will eventually start rationalizing that you have extra time and can do all of these things yourself.

There are several sites that teach how to outsource (I highly recommend John Jonas' free webinar on how to outsource.  He is the de facto authority on outsourcing to the Philippines.  It's focused on Internet Marketing but the training itself works for any business).  We have our own free training as well that I highly recommend.

There are literally thousands of places on the web that you can go to learn how to outsource so I'm not going to go into the how-to here.

The point of this article is 1.  to get you to think about outsourcing, and 2. to not jump right in unless you are ready.


About The Author

Dean Soto

Founder of the Online Empire Academy and creator of Wooshmetrics.com