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Zapier Amazon FBA / MFN Seller Central Tutorial Part 1: Track Sales with Slack for Your Team

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Dean Soto:
Hey online Empire Academy. This is Dean Soto, the founder of the online Empire Academy and I wanted to welcome you to this part one of how to use Zapier with Amazon Seller Central series, part one of the series. I wanted to do this because one of the main problems that you’ll find, especially if your merchant fulfilled seller, you don’t have to be a merchant fulfilled seller to use a lot of this stuff but one of the problems you’ll find is that there really is no integration with Zapier or other programs like “If this, then that” with Amazon Seller Central.

One of the problems is, especially if you're drop shipping like me, if you're drop shipping on Amazon like I do, you will find that it is a little bit of an annoyance because you need to be able to communicate with your staff. I'm going to show you in this how I communicate via Slack and Asana automatically when there is a new order or when there’s really anything that I want a new customer inquiry or anything like that, how I communicate automatically with my staff to let them know that they need to do something at some point in time.

It’s a little bit of a workaround, but at least you get some automation and it helps out a lot. So this is my Slack, Slack team right here, my Slack channel and as you can see there is an Amazon order bot right here that says, “Hey, there's an order, and here's the order number etc. It's awaiting shipping. Hey, can you go and assign it to yourself.” I also have a customer inquiry bot. I have a couple different things that I created all using Zapier so when you're a merchant fulfilled seller this is extremely, extremely important.

The cool thing is, and I'll probably show you later in other series, even if you’re an Amazon [FDA 00:02:04] seller, you can use this to track your sales, to send sales numbers, etc. over to a spreadsheet where you can then calculate so that you don’t have to spend money on a whole other service. You can do a whole bunch of stuff, but I have this doing tracking orders. I have it going to Asana, etc.

Here’s my Asana right here. It actually creates a new task and then my guys are able to task themselves with that so pretty cool. I love it. It works really, really well and I'm going to show you how I do it. I'm going to show you the simple way in this particular video and in the next video I'll show you the more advanced way. I'll kind of hint at the advanced way.

Let's go into Zapier right now. This is my Zapier. Easy way to do this is you can have the lowest plan, it depends on whatever you need. I personally have the business plan because I use it so much. I'm about 34 zaps right now. Some of those I can actually get rid of but yeah, like I said, there is … if you search for Amazon, boom, boom, boom. Amazon, there is no Amazon, at least at this particular point in time there’s no Amazon [MWS 00:03:19] like as far as being able to do your Amazon Seller Central which kind of sucks.

I’m sure at some point in time they will but right now they don’t so what we need to do is we got to make a Zap. We got to make a Zap. All right, so the first step is choosing the right name. Let's say, dude, this is going to be Amazon, let's say, “Amazon order.” We'll just say, “Amazon order to Slack and Asana.” We'll just say that for now, okay?

Let’s find the first, let's find the app that we're going to want to use. Okay, there’s two ways to do this. One is the email parser which is much more advanced. I'm not going to show you in this particular video but this actually lets you pull data out of emails that come in and you're going to need that because guess what? When you make a sale, that’s where you are going to get your data from, is from this Amazon Seller Central sending you an email so that’s one way to do it.

The other way to do it is through the, just using Gmail. If you use Gmail, I don't know if they have the Yahoo on here. Nope. No Yahoo. No Hotmail? No Hotmail, so hopefully you're using a Gmail account. If you don’t have one, you probably want to set one up but let’s use Gmail. Allright, now, it's going to ask us to actually choose a trigger. Here we are going to do a new email matching search, new email matching search and we're actually going to create a search in just a little bit so let’s do save and continue .

Then we're going to choose your Gmail account and then save and continue. Now we're going to enter the search string. Easy way to do this. Okay, so here I am in my email. Now what we're going to do is we are going to click this. There's a little arrow right here where it says, “Show search options,” we're going to click that. We're going to do “from” this is going to be seller “Seller–”

Now we are going to have, we're going to make it to where it says, has the words quote “sold,” comma, space, “ship now,” quote. Now, I’m also going to do one more thing in here. I'm going to do, “Doesn’t have,” quote “listing created.” We'll search that. Okay so now I have everything that I need right here. All right, so now we have our search right now. This is the search that we can use.

We're going to actually copy this right here and then we are going to go to Zapier. Do the search string like that, pop that in there, should be all good. Get rid of any spaces or anything like that that's there. Click “continue”. All right, [“fetch 00:06:58] and continue”. All right, test is successful. All right, so now we hit the continue button. We're going to do the actual action and you can do this with Asana, you can do this with Slack.

I'm just going to show you how to do this with Slack but you can generally do it with … I mean, you can do it with anything. I'm just going to show you how I do it with Slack because I have a little test thing set up for it anyway. All right so what we're going to do, with Slack I'm going to actually use a private channel because I have a private channel set up and I'm going to click this “send private channel message” and save and continue.

I have my Slack account, continue. Now the channel, need to go find the channel I had tested. Sandbox, right here and I'm going to just say … So now we can do this message text right here. Say this is a new order. “This is a test new order alert.” I'm going to say, “Please assign this new order to yourself.” Do colon, and click this right here. If you click this button right here, it’ll give you all of the things that you can use for … to actually send.

In this particular case, I'm going to actually use the subject right here. Click that. Okay, so I use that for the subject and right here where it says, “Send as bought,” I do “yes” because I want people to know that this is automatic. Then right here “bought name”, we'll just call it “Amazon test order bought”. You can say, you actually use, if you click this button on anything, it'll use the fields from the previous, the actual trigger and you could even use the fields from the prior action as well if you have multiple, you can actually chain a bunch of different Zapier zaps together.

Then you can do an emoji of choice. I think … If you go to this sheet, cheat sheet of emojis, it will have a link there for that. Let's just use this kissy face, we'll do these heart eyes right there. You click on it, it will copy. It's all loaded and stuff. Click on it. It will say copied and we go back here. Paste that heart eyes. We're good and then …

Oh yeah. This is the other cool thing, with Slack at least, you can do the send @mentions notifications so if you wanted to mention the entire channel you can say, “@channel” like that and it will actually pop up, it will actually notify everybody in that particular channel. I'm going to click “continue” and I'm going to scroll down and create and continue.

Boom. You see right here, new message in test sandbox. If I click into there, there it is right there. This is a new ord- … test new order alert. We have our heart face right there, pretty neat. “Test order alert, please assign this new order to yourself @channel sold, ship now.” It tells what it is, yada, yada, yada. Pretty cool.

That is the easy way to do this. You can, for notifications and things like that. There are, like I said, there is the harder way to do it which would be with the parser which I might do in a later video, which I will do in a later video but hopefully this helps. This helps me to let my guys know, helps me to let my guys know that there is something out there. Plus, I actually just go on, I added, click right here and I add Asana as well and you can actually create a task, etc. etc. and just do the same thing. You can actually create an actual task based off of that and even assign it to specific people if it comes in.

That’s how you get around the fact that there is no Zapier or If This, Then That connection between Seller Central … between Zapier your Seller Central and this really helps out a lot when you are a merchant fulfilled seller especially if you're drop shipping. If you want to find more really cool tips, go and head over to Sign up for the newsletter.

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Sign up at Last but not least, what we're going to do is click this. Zap is on. Actually, I have to do the … If I didn’t do this Asana thing, let’s get rid of this Asana. Delete, boom. Zap is on and we're good, okay? We actually turn it off because I don’t need it but if you like this and you want more, subscribe as well as going, you can go to and get your free goodies. We have a lot of really cool stuff coming out and I think you're going to love it. All right, have a great one, Academy, and we will see you next time on The Online Empire Academy youTube channel.


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